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Glass Relief's singularity lays in its designs combining unique relief with translucent colours.  
03.12.2015 · From sites
ECP DESIGN LIMITED is a leading homewares and ceramics company based in Gloucestershire, England. The company was established in 1977 on a rural farming estate in the Badminton area of the Cotswolds but we soon out grew our farm buildings and moved to a large factory in South Gloucestershire in the …
Categories: Housewares Stores
03.12.2015 · From sites
   WELCOME TO "Ephesus Ceramic" EFES ÇINI COMPANY    "Ephesus Ceramic" Efes Çini has been founded on Ephesus city on 01.07.2000 which had many years past.These founders are the people who have 20 years past on ceramic. They have taken the "çini  product's" from all over Turkey in the year of 2000, …
09.06.2014 · From sites
"We would love to welcome you to Grayshott and believe you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find as you walk through the door and we hope you enjoy a relaxed and pleasurable time with us!"Managing Director Chris Greenaway
Categories: Housewares Stores
22.05.2014 · From sites
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sites added new site — The main objective of Clyde on 4th, is to provide a haven for collectors collecting Georgian, Art Nouveau, Art-Deco and 1950’s objects.Clyde takes pride in trying to help collectors to find what they are looking for and has helped to add to many fine collections world wide.As a child Clyde would alw…
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sites added new site — Herzlich Willkommen bei HEPP. Die Kunst, Tradition und Moderne, Zeitloses und Zeitgemäßes zusammenzuführen. Seit 1863 beste Ausstattung für Hotellerie und Gastronomie. SINCE 1863: THE ART OF SERVICE     07.02.2020 An exquisitely laid table without silverware: …
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From Hong Kong comes a refreshing new tableware brand - the BOMSHBEE brand, which re-imagines everyday essentials through smart design and exquisite aesthetics   A new tableware brand has come to the table - enter BOMSHBEE, a Hong Kong-based brand that i
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hong kong
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