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We have recently switched our studio clay body to a locally made red clay called Cinnamon. It is a delight to throw and work with. It also has a fantastic texture, and when it is fired varies from a toasty warm tone, to a deep red brown. It is a fun clay to leave unglazed in places, so that its own qualities can be appreciated. 


We enjoy making the kinds of things we like to use, that we want to have in our own kitchen. In the past, Sven has focused more on ceramic sculpture, but lately it has been a joy to create functional art using various methods like throwing, and getting better and more consistent with each plate, bowl, vase, cup, tumbler, mortar, and platter. 


All of our pottery is fired to a high temperature of 2305-2400 f in a gas kiln, which makes it stoneware. This means that it is durable as well as oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

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