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Passion, humor and a keen sense of the world in all its mystery and glory imbue the new home furnishings collection presented by internationally acclaimed interior designer Lorena Gaxiola.

Some angular and sculptural, others rounded and delicate, every piece is defined with her distinctive sense of fashion for the home. Be it fine china and crystal flatware, lighting fixtures, rugs or furniture, Gaxiola's sophisticated, yet edgy aesthetic, personal history and clear understanding of the desires and needs of a demographic best known for its pursuit of individualism, shine through.

Like legions of great artists before her, Gaxiola seeks to comprehend and translate the fundamental components of her life- love and laughter, disappointments and sadness- into beautifully crafted objects to use daily, share and enjoy.

The circuitous path that brought her to this point began with an idyllic childhood in Mexico, situated in a town that leap-frogged the U.S. border giving her the sense of belonging to both countries.  In the 1990s, she arrived in California where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Design Institute of San Diego, and shortly thereafter launched Kuatro Design, her successful business now in its thirteenth year of operation. Handling residential and commercial projects around the globe, she gracefully balances work and family with offices and homes in San Diego, and Sydney, Australia.

Bringing a new perspective to the design community, Gaxiola says of the collection, "It came about because following the birth of my daughter I was overwhelmed with an intense desire to break through my normal artistic boundaries.  Doing it has allowed me to explore my fascination with art and architecture, and to use my skills and experience in combining structure and proportion in a variety of materials as never before.  Like my child, the products are transformative acts of creation that continually provide new ideas and emotions I use to mold into beautiful products."

Redolent with the literal and symbolic appearance of water, owls, crystals, and air, representative of mystical and spiritual elements that infuse a sense of presence to the environment, the collection expresses Gaxiola's Mexican roots in a myriad ways.  Metal, which is mined in the country, is one of her favorite materials along with glass, porcelain, silver and gold, while fashion-forward patterns in cotton, linen, wool and leather are seen throughout. Colors run the gamut from softly subdued to knock-out bright, warm tones and cold, black and white. Often surprising, always appealing, the tone she strikes is one of lightheartedness, even humor at times, defiantly done with a highly-stylized hand.

"The breadth of the line will provide more choices and colors for the home than ever before, and inspire fresh ways of mixing disparate components to achieve the sophisticated playfulness people want," she says. The catalog includes full-color photographs of the collection interspersed with her own illustrations and quotes, inviting us to share the journey taken to imagine, produce and bring every item to life.

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