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Elegance 2003

 We are an English company  (Elegance 2003  Ltd) owned by Rodger and Hilary Woof. Our base of operation is in Spain.

Our objective as a company is to offer you a range of unique products with an emphasis on hand made or hand finished items. 

We are proud to offer Robert Haviland and C. Parlon exclusive dinnerware, a company with a proud record of innovation and exceptional designs. Additionally we also offer Limoges porcelain dinnerware from J. Seignolles which has and extensive range of both contemporary and traditional dinnerware.

Sterling silverware from Broadway an English company with some items still being made from the original Victorian moulds designed by the founder. A superb sterling  silver complement to the Haviland Parlon dinnerware.

A range of contemporary French flatware in silver plate and stainless steel from the old established company of Alain Saint-Joanis which superbly  complements the J. Seignolles  and Haviland Parlon dinnerware.

A range of superb colored and clear crystal with gold engraving from the Cristallerie de Montbronn. Each piece is mouth blown and hand cut.

Casual Dinnerware, hand painted in the High Andes. Superbly vibrant colors with a unique layered finish providing a depth and originality to the finish..

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 Toll Free  (US only) at 1-866-627-3643
Phone: (0034) 965 770 119 


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