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NEW YORK–Giftware retailers and buyers can head to Forty One Madison Aug. 15-19, where they’ll find many of the category’s top-tier brands exclusively exhibiting in their permanent showrooms. More than 40 companies based at Forty One Madison will welcome v
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NEW YORK–Shinepukur Ceramics is the newest tenant at tabletop showroom building Forty One Madison Avenue. The Bangladesh-based factory, which manufactures bone china and porcelain for both the consumer and foodservice markets, will debut a 1,100-square-foo
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FORTY ONE MADISON FINALIZING DETAILS FOR THE NEW YORK TABLETOP MARKET®, APRIL 22-25 (NEW YORK, NY—MARCH, 2014)—Forty One Madison is ready for The New York Tabletop Market, Tuesday, April 22 through Friday, April 25, according to Laurie Burns, senior vice p
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