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Raynaud debuts new decor

One of the oldest factories in Limogues, and now part of the Sambonet group, Raynaud presents new decor, Oskar, taking its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement


Fine black and gold ellipses form the new decor for the Raynaud porcelain collection created by the Revol design department. The delicate and elegant Oskar evokes the spirit of Bauhaus, an essential inspiration in contemporary design.

Four geometrical patterns, constructed from curves and counter-curves alternating between pure gold and deep black, envelope the pieces and criss-cross them with either a wide or narrow mesh. The gold and black are enhanced by the whiteness of the Raynaud porcelain, creating varied contrasts depending on the patterns.

Of German origin on her father's side and extremely attached to the country, where she also studied at the school of Fine Arts in Berlin, designer Mariela Schwarz Montiel loves to take her inspiration from the innovative and free spirit of the Bauhaus school, revisited with the elegance and femininity that characterise Raynaud designs. This set also takes its name from her young German godson, Oskar. 

Raynaud has produced numerous ceremonial services for the White House and the courts of Europe and the Middle East. It has worked with all types of designers: Dali, Cocteau, Roger Tallon, J.C. de Castelbajac and starred chefs such as Anne-Sophie Pic or Thierry Marx. Raynaud continues be a modern, elegant and creative brand.

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