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Moser taps into Autumn colours

Czech glass producer Moser presents its unique Autumn Colours collection in celebration of the turn of the new season

Czech glass producer Moser, internationally recognised as one of the finest producers of hand-blown lead-free crystal since 1857, presents their unique ‘Autumn Colours’ collection in celebration of the turn of the new season.  The rich amber and red tones will bring a warm glow to any room, creating a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. 

The secret of producing Moser colours has been carefully preserved for over 115 years, known only to a few people at any time, and their unique skill to underlay colours and UV bonding is a closely guarded trade secret, allowing Moser to produce some of the finest modern crystal masterpieces in the world.

The exquisite Butterfly Vase (top row, left) boasts Moser’s most complex practises of UV bonding and underlay while the colour combination creates distinctive transitions and visual effects; while the Planet Moser Vase (top row, middle) and part of Moser’s The Story of Colours 2018 collection, uses the rich Topaz crystal to create a centrepiece that will bring warmth and light to the room. Inspired by the colours and shapes of the Solar System the vase is hand blown from lead free crystal and hand cut. 

The Wersin Vase (top row, right) is a unique vase from the collection of architect and designer Wolfgang Von Werkstätte. The intricate cuts forming V-shapes create the perfect optical effect of sharp relief, and allows the properties of Moser’s crystal to be appreciated in all its glory. 

The new Purity Vase (bottom row, left) boldly blends shades of different tones in one piece of crystal, which literally over flows with positive emotions. The demanding technique used for the colour combination makes Purity an original and above all, an unmatchable centre piece of any interior. Best paired with light which lets the unique colours of the work stand out.  Pictures is the Purity vase in the colour combination Topaz, Rose.    

And the Caorle Miniature (bottom row, right) vase boasts colourful tones and modern concepts which will become the  main attraction in any space, wherever it stands. The sharp edges of the Caorle miniature vase alternates with brad swathes which let the artistic dexterity of the glassworks and glass cutters speak to its fullest

Moser is available in UK retailers including Thomas Goode, Asprey London, William & Son and Glancy Fawcett.

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