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Monoprix and Gien join forces

French retailer Monoprix has collaborated with Faïencerie de Gien on exclusive affordable luxury collection inspired by Gien’s archives


Monoprix has invited Faïencerie de Gien to launch the first Fleurs noires collection of its G by Gien line. 

Since it was established 200 years ago, the Faïenceire de Gien, a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), has symbolised French refinement, luxury and the art of living. 

To offer this expertise to the public at affordable prices, Monoprix has delved into the archives of Gien and there discovered drawings of irises, hydrangeas and roses.

These flower designs have been poetically reworked and recoloured for an understated and refined result, combining a contemporary style with Gien's traditional expertise. 

Black provides the design with density, presence and modernity. These flowers have a discreet, delicate, opulent or romantic style and are featured on dinner plates, canapé plates and mignardise plates.

To complete this collection a wooden poplar case, built and printed in the Jura region, has been conceived as either a showcase or gift box.

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