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Kahla taps into hygge trend

With its brand-new cross-stitch decor on tableware, German brand Kahla is embracing the Scandinavian cosy trend


Hygge is the new recipe for happiness that is currently is taking Germany by storm.

In response to this, German brand Kahla has created the perfect tableware to accompany the Scandinavian cosiness trend - a cross-stitch décor, delivering monochromatic pieces in red and white. 

Kahla captures the feeling of comfort and crafting in its new design theme, which centres around breakfast and dinner plates and a cake platter from the Aronda series decorated with a red cross-stitch décor. These articles are complemented by large and small deep and shallow bowls, dipping dishes and jugs with a red or white background, against which the precise artisanal pattern looks very ‘hyggelig’. 

The new cosiness appears modern thanks to the varied mix of timeless and contemporary forms and the contrast between glossy and textile surfaces. 

The built-in happiness in the touch! cups delights the senses - with their soft cross-stitch pattern, they take up the textile properties of embroidery and become an eye-catcher and tactile treat at the table. The velvety-soft surface makes touching it an experience for all ages. 

Since the textile cross-stitch décor is permanently attached to the porcelain, the touch! cups are of course dishwasher-safe. Because even if handicrafts are becoming popular again: doing the dishes by hand is thankfully not necessary. 


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