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IFFT Design Award winners announced

The winners of the IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living Awards have been announced and include metallic finisher brand As it is


During IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living in Japan, which took place November 20-22, the winners of the IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living Awards were announced. 

The awards were comprised of the Young Designer and the Best Buyers’ Choice 2017. This year, the winner of the Young Designer Award was chosen from Next and will be invited to exhibit at Ambiente 2018 in Frankfurt.

The award this year was given to Yuri Himuro, a textile designer. The juror of the award was Vice President of the Ambiente Brand at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Ms Nicolette Naumann, who explained the reason for her decision.

“Ms Himuro’s creation was special for two reasons. It was contemporary in a way that the design idea was innovative, allowing the user to personally be involved in the design. This was done by creating layers with a special technique so that a different design could appear under the top layer by cutting it. Yet, the excitement and the enjoyable factor in her design was somehow nostalgic to all of us in a pleasant way.”

The Best Buyers’ Choice 2017 award was given to As it is. The brand was developed by a metallic finisher based in Tsubamesanjo, a place well-known for its craftsmanship. Their oxidation processing technology enables their collection of stainless-steel cutlery and dishes to shine in iridescent lustre without tinting.

The awarder was Mr Shinya Tanaka of Cassina IXC. Ltd, one of the fair’s most renowned buyers. He explained his choice. “The overall level of quality in all perspectives was outstanding. Their self-challenging spirit in order to come up with good creations was definitely the key to their actual achievement that they made here in such a high level of techniques, design, and presentation.”

At the Heimtextil Trend Lounge, directed by the Dan Project, Heimtextil presented the latest trends through a specially set lounge. As one of the world’s largest and best-known home textile shows, this attracted many visitors to discover the industry indicators ahead of time. 

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