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Gien presents Allure

New pattern Allure marks the return of historic artistic collaborations for French brand Faiencerie de Gien

For French company Faienceric de Gien, new pattern Allure marks the reutrn of major patnerships with artists who have made their imprint on the Manufacturer's history.

Designed as bridge between the brand's heritage and modernity, the Allure pattern by Olivier Gagnere takes the characteristic elements of Gien and combines with bold graphic forms. The artist immersed himself in the heritage and special features of the Faiencerie to tell a new story.

The two Allure patterns, the black tulip and the coat of arms are taken from the company archives: while the black tulip is the iconic symbol of Gien; the coat of arms, a symbol of the success of Faiencerie de Gien in the 19th century, has been totally reinvented.

The dots, evoking the rice grains of the Faience de Pont-aux-Choux - Gien's emblematic collection - enhance the pattern and add a gentle, modern touch.

The colour of the links - beige, orange, blue and purple - give strength to the design and illustrate the unique expertise of the artisan hand painters of Gien. These links symbolise the transmission of techniques and the consistency of the Faiencerie through the ages.

The Allure set consists of dinner plates, dessert plates, canape plates, a cake dish and a new shaped cup designed by Oliver Gagnere, with a handle taking the shape of the links.

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