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G & G launches first-ever seasonal portfolio

A market leader in supplying tableware to the UK hospitality industry, G & G Goodfellows has released its very first seasonal catalogue


Always aiming to be the market leaders within the hospitality industry, G & G Goodfellows has just unveiled its very first seasonal catalogue - its Autumn/Winter Collection, thanks to ongoing demand for innovation. 

“This Portfolio is all about providing chefs and restaurateurs with inspiration for the change in season,” says Valda Goodfellows, owner and MD of G & G, adding “we are constantly collaborating with new brands and adding new products to our collections and we wanted to share these with customers now, when menus are changing, rather than wait until next year for the publication of our new full Portfolio!” 

To celebrate the release of its Autumn/Winter Collection, G & G hosted a launch party at their London showroom. Attendees were among the first to sample the new Portfolio and browse G & G’s exciting new collections.

“The event was all about celebrating with our customers,” says Valda adding “this is our first seasonal Portfolio so we wanted to make a big deal of its launch. It was a complete success and we had a fantastic reaction to this new way of presenting our products.” 

Since setting up business in 2012, Goodfellows has successfully introduced ongoing innovation through publishing its Goodf Guides and Portfolios. “Our aim is to keep our customers at the leading edge of each new trend and that means scouring the world for what is new and exciting. We are always conscious that it has to be about the food that restaurants want to serve, so we look at that first and product second.

“This seasonal edition is completely different to anything else we have brought out before, especially as we have styled the food and feel to reflect what chefs would be cooking in season," adds Valda.

So what can we expect from the new Autumn/Winter Collection? “Along with some great food and tableware concepts, we are highlighting Nikkei cuisine, which I absolutely love, but it also features new products and brands, including an exciting new collaboration with renowned English Bone China company, Royal Worcester. We are also announcing the launch of our relationship with Raynaud and Ercuis, which will be part of the new Collection Privé service for bespoke and unique products. There are certainly a lot of great new developments which we are proud of.”

Goodfellows is notorious for its awe-inspiring food imagery and the company promises that the Autumn/Winter Collection showcases some of its best photography to date. For this edition, G & G has collaborated with some talented chefs; Daniel Watkins, Danny Parker (House of Tides), Dan Shotton (Yorebridge House) and Steve Smith (Freemasons, Wiswell). 

“Each chef put their all into the dishes they developed for photography," explains Valda. “Daniel Watkins, who we have worked with before, surprised us again by taking onboard the challenge to create Nikkei cuisine inspired dishes. All the chefs completely blew us away with their talent and patience. The result: this is our best Portfolio to date. We are already thinking of ways we can beat it in our next edition!” 

The Autumn/Winter Collection has now officially launched. You can request or download a copy via Goodfellow’s website ( or call the team on 0844 334 5232.



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