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Bringing Hong Kong design to the table

From Hong Kong comes a refreshing new tableware brand - the BOMSHBEE brand, which re-imagines everyday essentials through smart design and exquisite aesthetics


A new tableware brand has come to the table - enter BOMSHBEE, a Hong Kong-based brand that is the culmination of its founders’ passion and vision in tableware and has been created to represent the everyday essentials of the best shape, quality and function that makes life great.

Three brothers, dedicated to bringing contemporary tableware design to urban homes, established the BOMSHBEE brand after decades of work and leadership in the tableware industry. 

Their philosophy is ‘The little matters’ - by re-imagining everyday essentials, with the new line of products, the Lau brothers strive to elevate tableware through intelligent design, exquisite aesthetics, elegant form and function. Their goal is to inspire the customers with a mindset of appreciating the simple moments in life.

The Lau brothers believe that both beauty and quality can be embodied in the objects we use every day — dinnerware, drinkware, serveware, storage and home fragrances.

“The line of tableware my brothers and I have created goes to the heart of our childhood,” says William Lau, BOMSHBEE co-founder. “We want to highlight Hong Kong design in the international market and share its beauty with the rest of the world.”

The designs are carefully brought to life by the team in Hong Kong and manufacturing partners working in close proximity, to ensure the quality and production consistently meet the brand’s standards and the customers’ expectations — and the pride inherent as a new face of Hong Kong design.

BOMSHBEE’s designs are based in minimalism with full attention to overall aesthetics, form, colour, texture, materials and usage environment. 

“Our goal is to bring the customers’ attention to beautiful objects they use every day,” adds co-founder Anthony Lau. “Our mother got her start in this industry 30 years ago. Growing up, my brothers and I didn’t realise how much the little things in our home made our world work. 

“In a way, BOMSHBEE is also about honouring our mother. Even the name of our company is a combination of her pet names for us when we were children.”

William adds: “BOMSHBEE’s online store is a way for consumers to take advantage of purchasing high-quality tableware direct from the producers. Our ultimate goal is to give everyone the access to high quality and high design.”

Followed by a huge success in its debut in Maison & Objet in Paris and NY Now Exhibition earlier this year, BOMSHBEE will continue to introduce its distinctive combination of innovative design with exquisite craftsmanship and high quality standard to the world with a new line of products coming out July 2019.

BOMSHBEE will present at NY NOW in August (11-14) and at Maison & Objet, Paris, in September (6-10). 

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