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Opened in 1963, Gracious Home began as a neighborhood hardware store on the Upper East Side. Nuts. Bolts. Nothing fancy. As everyone knows, New Yorkers don’t exactly fall over themselves every time a new shop cuts its ribbon—but our dedicated staff made Gracious Home stand out. Every person who walk…
Categories: Furniture Stores
26.11.2013 · From benny
CooCkoo Design House Interjero galerija, pristatanti išskirtinių gamintojų prekes. Esame šiek tiek pamišę, todėl ieškome išskirtinių interjerą puošiančių daiktų. Mes pasirenkame gamintojus, pagal jų gebėjimą sukurti estetiškus gaminius iš išskirtinių medžiagų, nestandartinių formų, nebijančių spalv…
Categories: Housewares Stores
22.11.2013 · From benny
Brixton Pottery is designed by Alex and Tania Dufort from their rural retreat in Mid Wales and made in the EU. They started designing in 1987, and have so far accumulated a portfolio of about 500 spongeware designs, and 60 pottery shapes, making a total of 30,000 possible products. Tania and Alex wi…
Categories: Furniture Stores
17.11.2013 · From benny
The Bowl Company started from an idea brought about by 5 smalldecorative japane rice bowls on the top of our stove.  With the dot comboom going bust in 2002 and my job going with it, we looked aroundfor something that might beautiful and interesting.  The unique,hand-crafted nature of those 5 little…
17.11.2013 · From benny
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The finalists of the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2020 have been announced and are revealed in this supplement.Chosen by a panel of esteemed international judges – all of whom, from designers to retailers, are held in incredibly high regard
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benny added new site — Artemest is the online destination for luxury Italian furniture and home décor. Get interior design ideas and shop unique collections from fine artisans.
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benny added new site — We have recently switched our studio clay body to a locally made red clay called Cinnamon. It is a delight to throw and work with. It also has a fantastic texture, and when it is fired varies from a toasty warm tone, to a deep red brown. It is a fun clay to leave unglazed in places, so that its own …
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benny added new site — The Conran Shop offers a unique and personal blend of furniture, lighting, home accessories and gifts from some of the most iconic designers.
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benny added new site — Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has made outstanding customer service an important a priority. Tiffany’s Customer Service team is ready to answer any questions you may have with expert guidance, from choosing a piece of iconic jewelry or engagement ring to finding the perfect gift. We can’t wait to wo…
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benny added new site —  one of the world’s best-loved fashion and home furnishings companies originates from humble beginnings. In the early 1950s, enthused by an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Laura had a  desire to create small scale prints which could be used for patchwork. With a small investment of £10…
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benny added new site — Welkom bij Wegter B.V. De distributeur van het bekendste servies merk in Nederland; Boerenbont. Kijk ook een naar onze andere prachtige merken.
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