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Opened in 1963, Gracious Home began as a neighborhood hardware store on the Upper East Side. Nuts. Bolts. Nothing fancy. As everyone knows, New Yorkers don’t exactly fall over themselves every time a new shop cuts its ribbon—but our dedicated staff made Gracious Home stand out. Every person who walk…
Categories: Furniture Stores
26.11.2013 · From benny
CooCkoo Design House Interjero galerija, pristatanti išskirtinių gamintojų prekes. Esame šiek tiek pamišę, todėl ieškome išskirtinių interjerą puošiančių daiktų. Mes pasirenkame gamintojus, pagal jų gebėjimą sukurti estetiškus gaminius iš išskirtinių medžiagų, nestandartinių formų, nebijančių spalv…
Categories: Housewares Stores
22.11.2013 · From benny
Brixton Pottery is designed by Alex and Tania Dufort from their rural retreat in Mid Wales and made in the EU. They started designing in 1987, and have so far accumulated a portfolio of about 500 spongeware designs, and 60 pottery shapes, making a total of 30,000 possible products. Tania and Alex wi…
Categories: Furniture Stores
17.11.2013 · From benny
The Bowl Company started from an idea brought about by 5 smalldecorative japane rice bowls on the top of our stove.  With the dot comboom going bust in 2002 and my job going with it, we looked aroundfor something that might beautiful and interesting.  The unique,hand-crafted nature of those 5 little…
17.11.2013 · From benny
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Churchill point out that with extensive market research, they track trends and react to changes in the hospitality industry, noting the growing popularity of pastel colour schemes. The Stonecast range is available in 12 different colourways, each inspired
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benny added new site — The award ceremony, with an extremely qualified audience of designers, companies, journalists and professionals, also kicked off the Milan Re-Design City, two weeks in which the city celebrates design and inaugurates the new ADI Design Museum. Madame, a project entirely “made in Sambonet” – designe…
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2929 — Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has made outstanding customer service an important a priority. Tiffany’s Customer Service team is ready to answer any questions you may have with expert guidance, from choosing a piece of iconic jewelry or engagement ring to finding the perfect gift. We can’t wait to wo…
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benny added new site — MEPRA SINCE 1947, ITALY Mepra was created in 1947, but the entrepreneurial story of the Prandelli family starts many years earlier. In 1901, brothers Bortolo, Francesco and Giovanbattista create the first family business, Prandelli, in the Lumezzane Valley by the banks of River Gobbia to make…
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According to The Seattle Times, Sur La Table, which recently filed for bankruptcy, has been sold for approximately $90 million. A joint venture between e-commerce investment firm CSC Generation and Marquee Brands topped an opening bid from affiliates of F
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August 02, 2020
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